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Brand with long history....

7SEASONS was launched in 2013 as a small project with big ideas. We were there with heart and soul from the beginning and our goal was to create jackets and coats with added value. Functional features met up with design and together developed into a clever combination.

The ideas became more diverse over time and 7SEASONS has continuously developed itself, so that now a design team located in the heart of Berlin creates two collections a year, each with around 50 - 80 pieces. As a spin-off of the Umlauf & Klein group of companies, an expert in manufacturing jackets and coats is behind 7SEASONS, which can support the emerging brand with his decades of experience and expertise.



Our designs are created with passion, a love of detail and a great deal of enjoyment of creativity. Giving our styles personality and a character of their own is something that matters to us. We want our jackets to be warm, protect and make every wearer look great. Ultimately, people should simply feel good in them!

Please click on the logo

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