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About EFTC

Mr. Werner Kuenstle

founder and owner of EFTC

Mr. Werner Kuenstle  and his Business Partner Ms. Hui Min Huang have built up  their business between Europe and Asia with more than 30 years of experience in the World of Fashion between Europe and Asia. Both Partners are grown up in the Fashion Field and can immediately decide which Brands are suitable for the Asian Market.

Both Partners are also understanding, by their experience, each Brands vision and values and knows how to coordinate the business between Europe and Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Today every business and cooperation between Europe and China has become a routine for both of them already and they know how to set up, cooperate and run the Business with all their important contacts allover in Asia.

With their competent teams in Hong Kong and Taiwan, EFTC is representing special selected and different brands in Asia. Especially in the selection of different end consumers target groups.

From outstanding knitwear to superb matching coordinates, all of them high end fashion brands, are perfect for the Asia Market. With own strategies and wide range of knowledge, EFTC and his Team, has set up a lot of Mono Brand Shops in China and Taiwan. Last and Least the main focus will be to continue more in the Multi-Shop-Brand Business.


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Ms. Hui Min Huang

Co Founder and Managing Director of EFTC Hong Kong



FMI - Fashion Marketing International (Far East Ltd.)

was established in Hong Kong by Mr. Werner Kuenstle

EM Emporio Madonna started the business as a self operating company in Taipei/Taiwan with Mr.Kuenstle’s Partner Ms. Hui-Min Huang.

GFTC German Fashion Trading Centre was built under the operations of FMI

EFTC European Fashion Trading Centre was established in Hong Kong as the platform for European fashion brands and the bridge between Europe and Asia.


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