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We are the bridge between EUROPE and ASIA


With more than 20 years of experience in the world of fashion business between EUROPE and ASIA,

EFTC is a well established fashion brand agency - The bridge between Europe and Asia!


Located in Hong Kong, in the heart of Asia, EFTC represents more than 8 middle-end to high end fashion brands. We are able to push the boundaries and open up opportunities for you and the upcoming talents.


With our passion for fashion we provide our most competent and individual service to meet our clients needs and support them in any situations.


EFTC also implements services like representing the entire collection at our showroom in Hong Kong and overseas exhibitions providing effective distribution channels, PR and brand communications for brand building.


We are seeking for creativity and excellence in fashion design - fashion brands that wants to be represented by a company that understands the brand's vision and values.


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